What is a climate change paper, and how do I write one?

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 “We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation.”

I can’t agree more with these words of Francoise Hollande, the president of France considering the effects climate change has had on our planet, earth. Indeed, the climate change has to be blamed on human activity: the choices of fuels we have made for ourselves, the industrial processes we have adopted, the clearing of forests for settlements, etc., the sum effect has been global warming as a result of increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. The environment has respondent in a manner that threatens the future of humanity. What do we do to reverse climatic change? 

That is perhaps that is the most relevant question our generation needs to answer.

Because our institutions of learning do not exist in isolation, questions on climate change are prevalent. A climatic change paper is an essay you will be asked to write to express your understanding of an aspect of climatic change. Beyond that, your ability to communicate effectively by writing will be assessed.

Climatic change literature is well endowed with many publications coming out every day. Besides, every global event wherever they are held, the recurring theme has always been a climatic change. It has to be that because we are all affected, and everyone is trying to find out what they can do to reverse the situation.

Nature has expressed itself angrily due to destructive human activities. There are more severe droughts, and the sea levels are rising by the day, the arctic glacier has melted 40%, wildfires consume our forests, floods are more destructive, etc. The earlier we change our motivations towards fossil fuels, deforestation, and uncontrolled urbanization, the better.

Finding an excellent climate change paper topic

Climate change is a jargon that has to be broken down into smaller parts to find your essay’s perspective. If you are not provided with a topic to write on, you should be glad about it because then you have the freedom to choose one which you are passionate about. After you have selected your interrogate, the nature of your question requires you to have an argumentative or speculative tone. If you have to choose a topic or a take on it, find something you are well opinionated on to ensure the juices start to flow very early and don’t end until you put that last full stop once you have established that you are set for review of the literature.

Top ten ideas for your climatic change paper topic

Before that, this is the list of some cool topics for your climate change paper. If you read through them, I can promise you will be inspired to write something about climate change.

  1. Climate changes. Things anyone can do.
  2. Climate changes concern everyone. Is it true?
  3. Water pollution and coastal cities: what needs to be done?
  4. The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is increasing. Why? What are the implications?
  5. Individual responsibility for the environment.
  6. How the loss of biodiversity is the biggest loss for humanity.
  7. Sustainable living as a way of fighting climate change.
  8. Industrial responsibility and climate change.
  9. Nuclear power laws and climate change.
  10. Is it true that climate change is caused by man?

Review of literature

The next part of your essay paper is to find reviewing relevant literature on your topic. Ensure you have acquired enough ideas you can use to support your claims on a climate change issue. Evidence constituting expert opinion, research findings among other publications from reputable organizations and institutions such as the UN-Habitat, the World Bank, the Global Economic Forum, Global Conventions, and Sustainable Development Goals, etc. are sources you can cite. Summarize your key points with relevant citations.  These have insights you can include in your paper to increase its credibility by 80%.

The format of climate change paper

A climate change paper format need not be complicated. I recommend you use the introduction, body, and Conclusion format.

Introduction: At the beginning of your essay, you will be expected to introduce your topic and provide the thesis statement. You don’t want to disappoint in your introduction because if you do, there is a high likelihood your examiner will develop a negative attitude. Therefore, avoid common mistakes in your introduction. Include a great hook to ensure your readers will be more interested in reading to the end. The ideas for an excellent hook include quotes from prominent persons, a joke, a proverb, an anecdote, etc. Ensure your introduction and the thesis statement is very relevant to the topic.

Body: This is where you start explaining your main ideas, one after the other. Remember to use paragraphs to organize your presentation and deal with one issue at a time to enhance clarity. It would help if you also established a logical flow in your writing to improve readability. In the body is the climax of your paper, so treat it as such by providing your most vital points backed with evidence. 

Remember to write about something new and don’t sound like presenting common knowledge as a discovery. No one wants to know that climate change is merely bad; instead, we want to understand why and how you think it is that bad. However, these should not come out as your personal opinion so present in a scholarly manner where you put across an issue, follow it with evidence, and more evidence then your idea.

Conclusion: When concluding your paper, don’t bring a new issue, summarize whatever you have covered, and reiterate your perspective to ensure your audience understands your position. You could also present the implications of the issues you have addressed in brief. You could as well highlight areas of further study on the topic.

You want the top mark: things to avoid

When composing your essay, you must avoid the following relatively common mistakes:

  • Avoid Clichés because no one wants to read universal truths presented as relevant discoveries. This way, you will bore your examiner, and that is something you don’t want to do because the consequences are apparent.
  • Repeating an idea already covered. Who wants to waste your time? Don’t be repetitive; it doesn’t add any credit; instead, you are likely to be penalized.
  • Making an accumulation of ideas that are not connected and that do not follow one another; structure your ideas logically. As we said, the flow of ideas is essential because then your reader can follow your thought from the beginning to the end.
  • Being contradictive can be quite confusing to your reader. It will make them think you are not okay. Ensure you are consistent even if you present a bit of the opposing ideas; you must conclude by clarifying your position on the issue.
  • Using lackluster adjectives like “good”/”bad.” Instead, think of more lucrative synonyms, which will make your reader realize what you are talking about.

Conclusively, I would say that writing of a climate paper is similar to writing other essays only that you will have to do more research are present factual evidence to the claims you make throughout the article. It is also important you remember to write a powerful introduction to capture the reader’s or examiners’ thoughts because no one wants to be bored, for it is like a punishment!

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