Exemplary history extended essay: Facts and Hints

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History extended essay are projects students need to complete as part of some diploma or degree courses they are taking. The paper, which is about 4000 words, allows the students to dig deep into the history of a subject which interests them.

Extended essays take a similar research paper process where students have to source for information through various methods. The articles provide a unique but challenging opportunity for the students and faculty members to engage in the creation of knowledge through a meticulous process.

 Extended essay topics range from focus and in-depth analyses of specific elements of a subject to critically evaluating responses to global significance issues in the case of the world studies extended essay.

The purpose of the essay building process is to enable the students to develop and share transferable skills such as research, critical thinking, and self-management, which are communicated in the form of an academic piece of writing.

The essay can be completed through disciplinary or interdisciplinary options. The students identify an area of interest in the disciplinary approach and pursue it for a more in-depth historical evaluation. Interdisciplinary history extended essays are conducted by students providing a solution to a current global issue where they have to demonstrate how a multidisciplinary knowledge is of particular significance.

The development of exemplary researching skills among the interdisciplinary team is the main focus of students is considered very important. Arguments around a particular research question form the central part of the paper.

Main objectives of a history extended essay

  1. Provision of knowledge and understanding

The students demonstrate knowledge and experience of the topic chosen and the research questions posed, subject-specific terminology, and appropriate research sources and methods to gather information when writing a history extended essay. Thus, it helps is building inquiry skills in students apart from being a more comprehensive process of learning

  • Application and analysis

The students are expected to learn of and implement suitable research techniques guided by specific research questions and analyze their finds to meet the studies’ general purpose.

  • Synthesis and evaluation

The project aims at improving the student’s analysis capabilities, such as the ability to discuss their findings coherently. Moreover, the students learn to critically evaluate the issues presented in the essay and reflect on the research process.

  • Variety of skills

The students are expected to develop their knowledge in the presentation of information in an accepted academic format and demonstrate academic integrity.

Reflection in history extended essays

Student reflection in the extended essay is a critical evaluation of the decision-making process. It demonstrates the evolution and discovery of conceptual understandings as they relate to the research question and sources. Reflection reflects the rationale for decisions made, the skills and interpretations developed, and the authenticity and intellectual initiative of the student’s voice. Sufficient reflection highlights the journey the student has taken to engage in an intelligent and personal process, as well as how it has changed him or her as a learner and affected the final essay.

The depth of reflection will demonstrate that the student has constructively engaged with the learning process. Such engagement provides evidence that the student has grown as a learner as a result of his or her experience. More importantly, it demonstrates the skills that have been learned. These skills may include critical thinking, decision-making, general research, planning, referencing and citations, specific research methodologies, and time management.

Tips for successful completion of a history extended essay

  1. Choosing the topic

The development of a proper history extended essay can be met or failed from the very beginning. The students are expected to do personal assessments of their weaknesses and strengths and use that information to select the subject and topic that they can most creatively and originally develop. The students are discouraged from the temptation of choosing the issue that has been done too many times. The first reason is it will not be exciting, and the second you will be tempted to copy what other people have done, which is not helping with your creativity. The students are expected to find the recommended list in their department after doing a self-analysis to find out their interests.

  • Develop researchers reflection space

This is being emphasized to afford sufficient student time to plan and organize their reflection sessions. This will ensure the students can effectively manage their time and avoid the last-minute rush. When you plan your time and tasks, you always meet your deadlines and find enough time to dwell in your selected areas with appropriate rigor. Never overlook the importance of planning because you cannot see the fruits at the beginning; it is an indispensable factor in the successful completion of your essay.

  • Make the most of your supervisors availability

If you can ensure you exploit the opportunities that come with your supervisor’s presence, you stand to gain. Asking relevant questions in your area of interest will enable your teacher to know your particular concerns and assist appropriately. The citation scope is quite very important; do not proceed to compile your list of references without asking the assistance from your supervisor. You will stand to lose a lot of points if your work is not cited appropriately.

  • Prepare for your reflection sessions appropriately

Have your materials in place to write and organize your ideas, edit and write down these in a compelling manner. If you do not invest enough time in your reflection, your work’s quality will not be at the top. Enough time for reflection is the trick to having the edge over your fellows; otherwise, you will be considered an averaged scorer who is not enough for you.

  • Meet all internal deadlines

The secret to meeting your deadlines is time management. Give much importance to your project to enable successful completion. Beware of procrastination is the chief enemy of all deadlines. Whenever there is an opportunity to make use of it to complete your tasks early, avoid the last-minute rush because you will not meet the top quality you deserve, and you also risk penalties due to late submission.

  • Referencing 

Develop your list of references as you work. This will help save time because you don’t have to hustle so much finding the sources you referred to develop your essay. It also enables you to avoid citation errors involving misplacement of references, which will undoubtedly affect the credibility of your paper. Ensure you build your references based on the instructions provided; it will help cite in the correct format.

  • Study various policies

Policies are rich sources of ideas for developing your paper. They entail principles you can anchor your essay on. Besides, they provide objectives that reflect how they try to address the problems, which can be of great significance if you examine them well. They also offer an institutional framework that may assist find out the key stakeholders in your research processes.

We have seen what a history extended essay is and the skills you will gain, and why it is essential, you successfully complete the project. The tips on successful completion will help you focus on certain areas that determine your overall success.

We hope this is helpful.

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Exemplary history extended essay: Facts and Hints

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