Compelling National Honor Society Essay Writing Guide + an example

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What is a National Honor Society Essay?

A National Honor Society essay is an academic paper that shows how your personality and skills reflect your exceptional excellence in volunteering, internships, school activities, social services, and part-time work experiences. You write this type of essay to prove your eligibility in joining the National Honor Society.

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National Honor Society Essay Guidelines and Requirements

  • A personal story that indicates your willingness in taking up leadership roles demonstrated by highlighting breakthroughs and achievements
  • Precise and Correct structure, format, and composition of your National Honor Society Application Essay

The standard Outline looks like this:

  • Introduction – Introduce yourself
    • Articulate the reason of wanting to join the National Honor Society Membership
      Examples of reasons: You saw your older sister or neighbor receive awards for her dedication to the National Honor Society when you were younger and felt that you would pursue your dreams of joining too
      You experienced a traumatic childhood experience such as physical assault, and you came across an article where a member of the National Honor Society brought forth community solutions to combat domestic violence using leadership qualities, and you admired them so much that you said you would want to join in future to be able to protect other children from what you went through
      End the first paragraph with how you feel that your qualifications and experience meet the standard qualifications to join the National Honor Society


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  • Articulate community initiatives that you have engaged in in the past whether in school or at the community
    • For example,

From your school engagement, you can talk about your scholarly ability enabled you to achieve a nomination to be a member and indicate your past achievements in being in the school administration honor roll and for how long. Indicate how you achieved your exemplary GPA score and how you challenge yourself to do better. Indicate how your scholarly and school achievements qualify you to be  a member of the National Honor Society

  • Please talk about the National Honor Society and why it triggers inspiration in your and motivates you to pursue your objectives

For example
Talk about the values within the National Honor society such s service where you indicate your experiences in putting others’ desires first before yours and how that inspired you to enhance this quality. You can talk about the challenges that come with such contexts and how your motivation to join the National Honor Society strengthened you to be resilient in such challenging situations. What characters did you unearth that align which the qualities treasured within the national Honor Society? Write about them.

  • For the community engagement, talk about how you engage in community participation projects initiated by the school and how you have excelled in your duties.
    • Talk about your achievements.
      Indicate your achievements in pursuing extracurricular activities such as sports and how these activities indicate your leadership. Talk about character traits that have demonstrated leadership within these activities and how altruistic your actions indicate that you have a strong character.
    • Depiction of how you hold high morals and ethics, passion in your experience participating in volunteer programs, exceptional character traits that make you an outstanding candidate, and any other relevant facts about you.
    • Talk about your appreciation for being included in the National Honor Society what you shall do to uphold the prestige and respectability of your membership.
    • Talk about how your membership will equip you with more resources and support to do even more volunteer work, community engagement program initiatives, and how it will enhance your characters as a leader.

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Steps in Writing a National Honor Essay

  • Conduct extensive and in-depth research from peer-reviewed academic resources on the chosen topic (Cite these sources)
  • Analyze the deeper meaning of your topic
  • Mind map and brainstorm relevant ideas to back up your topic
  • Create an outline of the paper
  • Write the first drafts and proofread while giving a professional to proofread the paper for you

As you can see, writing a National Society Honor essay is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps above.

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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